GO and Dev environment

GO and Dev environment

By Frédéric Schmidt
May 21, 2020
2 min read


This post is not intended to review all the different tools for GO development. It has for simple vocation to present the one that I will use through the different posts on this language.

In addition, for the possible examples that I will give throughout the posts, we can use an online environment to test them such as:

  • play.golang.org: simple and effective;
  • Go Online Compiler, IDE, Editor, Interpreter in REPL: A real simple, clean IDE with IntelliSense, command line mode;
  • Execute GO Language Online by CodingGround: In the same style as the previous one but by IntelliSense.

There are certainly many others, but the purpose here is not to make an exhaustive list. Personally, a preference for the second.

Then, nothing prevents you from using a complete GO development tool, which is not in online mode. Here are some of them:

  • GoLand by JetBrains;
  • Visual Code (stable version) or Visual Code (insiders version) + the right extensions to have a proper GO environment. I’ll do a setup in the next chapter.

For my part, in the code examples, I will mostly use Visual Code because it is an environment that I like, simple, cross-platform and free. I will still do a little tour of the owner in the use of GoLand because I am curious and not tried yet.


Well, it’s all well and good to have our tools, but we have to have the basis to begin with, that is, the language itself.

I work in Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64bits environment, I will try to make some examples in a Linux environment and especially Ubuntu Server 20.04. Server simply because I have a machine in this version (yes, yes, I have Linux too:-)).

As for the version of Go used, it is at the time I write this post version 1.14.4, that we find here in download and for my part I took the following package here.


As for the installation of the package and for my part I kept the default directory, I simply performed the installation on another disk. I do not voluntarily make a screenshot, video, or other media to explain the installation. My goal and learning this language I leave you the joys of clicking button for different installations.


Come on, let’s check that our environment is basic and well installed and in the right version. To do this, simply open a dialog box in command mode. By the way, for my part I use the application which is on the Microsoft store which is Windows Terminal which is here in preview and stable version here. But, you can also use the famous CMD or any other environment you are used to.


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