GO Introduction

GO Introduction

By Frédéric Schmidt
May 21, 2020
2 min read

Before we begin to go through and enter into the meanders of this language, we will nevertheless make a short presentation to understand the reason for the creation of this language.


The purpose of the Go language is to give inexperienced programmers by Rob Pike, who is one of the three creators.

They are not able to understand brilliant language, but we want to get them to do good programs. Therefore, the language we give them must be _easy to understand and _easy to adopt.

So the approach of the creators is to be able to find in this language the possibility of designing programs of large scales, as in the writing of simple scripts or basic applications.

This simplicity of language will therefore have benefits on the understanding of the code by other people using it. This will make maintenance easier.


Date of birth, September 2007 by developers at Google who are Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson who laid the foundations of the GO language, also called more commonly: Golang.

It is an Open Source project, which has since 2011 to find strong support from the community.

Its first stable official version appeared in March 2012, I will do a little history of the versions afterwards.

We all saw that Golang had his logo, This one represents a GOpher, in French a Waffle. This logo was made by Renée French. This famous designer also created the logo of the operating system Plan 9.

Waffle is the common name for a North American rodent.

The Gopher was also used, a few years ago, in the design of a WFMU t-shirt.

Source: https://go.dev/blog/gopher

The logo and mascot are covered by the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license

Like any self-respecting animal, this one also has its morphological description, no I did not find any information on its food and its natural environment.

Source: http://golang.google.com

This small animal was first presented at GopherCon 2016 by one of the creators of the language. This Go Gopher is unique and belongs only to the planet GO.

We find different representations, illustrations of Go Gopher on sites to embellish the posts, pages, etc…

Basic concept

The GO language and its creators started from the point of view, that currently it was imperative to take advantage of the multithreading machine environments what will bring, speed of execution. What is in some areas is the basis, such as for example system programming, real time. By its original design, GO natively integrates the competing treatments (this article, will not go into the details of the competitive programming). Other features associated with the GO language are:

  • GOPATH environment;
  • Modularities with the notion of packages, packages ;
  • Consistent and predefined code formatting;
  • Return values can be multiplied for functions and methods;
  • Relative import of files.

All these characteristics, I will address them as I go through the various notes.


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